The point of remaking was made moot pretty quickly, and I had basically decided to just leave fandom yesterday, but screw it. I’m just going to go back to playing at ohblainers and stop caring if people on the internet don’t like me.

So yeah. Sorry for URL ping pong but if you want to follow me, go back to ohblainers.


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I’m done.

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I would also like to point out that, while I haven’t been promoting the KFCG, have I really been posting ANYTHING other than liveblogging SPN and whining about life?

I run a dance studio. It is recital season. I’m in the process of getting ready to move. I also have about 12 followers so me promoting something? Not gonna help.

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Alright Let’s Clear This Up (re: Fandom and Fundraisers)

Apparently there’s word going around that “someone” from the “Trevor Project fundraiser” is “butthurt.” Clearly you mean me, since Colfer is off watching SPN, Murphy’s out of town, and Brad is actively promoting it, while I have made a few vague, snarky posts.

And now my friends are getting upset on my behalf and I don’t want that. So let’s make a straightforward post.

Butthurt about the fundraiser? Nope. Not in the slightest.

Anything that sends money to good causes is awesome. I’m stoked that everyone’s managed to raise so much money. If you knew anything about me and the work I do in my real life, you wouldn’t for a second think that I would begrudge anyone working to help a charitable organization.

Side-eyeing the fandom? A bit.

I’ve had some judgmental feelings from the start of “THE BOX SCENE AUCTION OH MY GOD” because the whole “It’s for charity!” seemed to be tacked on as a side note after “WE GET THE BOX SCENE THAT WE FUCKING DESERVE” and 90% of that judgment was because I’m straight up just exhausted by people still being so constantly upset about a scene getting cut. A lot of that feeds into my feelings toward the way the fandom’s changed in general since the start of season 3.

Other than that, despite my pretty small follow list, my dash has been, in general, just kind of full of things I don’t care about (ships, complaints, shoving too hard into personal lives, etc, etc) so I’ve been frustrated in general. A lot of the vague posts? Barely relating to “The Box Scene” and not really relating to the fundraiser at all. That’s why they were vague. Because they were about a lot of things.

Any overinterpreting and subsequent judgment? That’s on you, people who have decided I’m sitting in a dark room crying and murdering puppies.

I don’t begrudge the people organizing the KFCG. I know firsthand that it’s a fuckton of work and I applaud them for it. They approached me to donate and I simply couldn’t. I’m way, way too busy in real life and also have two bang fics and a few other writing projects in the works so I knew I wouldn’t be able to. It wasn’t out of malice or anything else.

In summary.

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Bill, isn&#8217;t this how you got in trouble the last time?

Bill, isn’t this how you got in trouble the last time?

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I’m glad Chris and I have the same default picture face.

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"I’m glad Glee is on hiatus so I can focus on things other than a TV show and give my emotions a break," I said as I started SPN.

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#and watched the first two seasons in a week #and drowned in a river of my own tears


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That was a

whole lotta demon

coming out of that crypt

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